Grip Trainee 'To be someone' , to be someone ltd. September 2019. 

Spark 'Dream horse' Pickups, October 2019.

Spark Trainee ‘Dream Horse’, Popora films, Warner Brothers, May 2019. Dailies, 10 Days.

Gaffer on feature film ‘Stairs’. Mosley Productions. August 2018 UK

2nd unit Cinematographer on Prequal Shoots to Feature film 'Legionnaire's Trail'. Magol Films, Premiere Entertainment Group. March 2018. SPAIN

Spark on Bollywood Feature. September, October 2018. UK

Video Trainee ‘Dream Horse’, Popora films, Warner Brothers, May 2019. Dailies, 3 Days.

Floor Runner on Feature film 'Waiting for Anya'. Bad Penny Productions, Goldfinch Studios. March to April 2018. FRANCE

Floor Runner on Feature Film 'This weekend will change your life'. BAD PENNY productions. January 2018. UK

Crowd A.D. on Feature film ‘You, Me and Him’. BAD PENNY productions. Nov 2016.

Rushes Runner. Film 4 Horror ‘St Maud’. December 2018



Rigger spark 'Spanish Princess' , Amazon Prime, Spetember 2019

Rigger trainee 'Sex Education', Netflix, August 2019

Video Trainee on ‘Watchmen’ HBO Series. Daily September 2018.



Camera Operator (Independant Feature Documentary). ‘Faith’ Feature with Russel Haines (artist) on Art and Religion. Parts featured on BBC Points West. June 2016.



Director of Photography of ‘The Brienne Scrolls’, April 2019.

Director and Co-Producer of Documentary ‘Land of Our Fathers’. Autumn 2015. Multi Award winning Internationally recognized short Documentary. Featured in NFFTY, Remi Winner at Houston Worldfest and another 13 Festivals acros the UK, US, Europe and South Korea. Winning 3 awards and 2 Nominations.

Cinematographer and Co-Producer ‘Badgerantes’. Short Documentary. January 2017.

Cinematographer, Editor on Documentary Series for ‘Better life Vietnam’ Social Enterprise, Hanoi, Vietnam. August to November 2017.

Camera Operator (Tom Foolery productions). Documentary, ‘Is the flag Racist?’. Involved, High intensity filming EDL protests and riots. September 2015.

Colorist on short Documentary ‘Grizzo’. Sanctus Mental Health programme. December 2017.



Spark 'Mist', short film, August 2019. Robbie Ryans DOP.

Spark on ‘I choose’. Short film, July 2019.

Director of Photography ‘How to tie my Shoelaces’. Short film. March 2017.

Writer and Director of ‘John Joe’ Short Film. January to May 2016.

Gaffer on Short film ‘Escort’. June 2018.

Director of Photography of ‘Encounter’ Short film. April 2015.

Best Boy Spark on Short film ‘Take me back’. February 2018.

2nd AC, Grip on ‘Dying Light’ Short film. (Focus Shi􀈅 Films) April 2016.

1st AC on ‘My Father Estaban’. April 2017.

2nd AC, Gaffer on ‘A Jerry Amongst Jerry’s’. November 2016.

2nd AC, Spark on ‘Buzz Brightly Presents’. May 2017.

Gaffer on ‘Goldfish’. Short film. January 2017.

1st AC on ‘Sunday 94’ Short film. July 2016.

Editor on ‘Five finger fillet’ Short film. Autumn 2014.

Channel 4 Random Acts- Behind the scenes coordinator (Penny drop films) on ‘Breaking Leonardo’s fourth wall’ Short film. June 2016. and ‘Sunday 94’ Short film. July 2016.




BTS Camera Operator, Forever sewing fashion shoot, The Can Agency, July 2019

Spark, Garmin Commercial, June 2019.

Lighting Designer, MAN Manchester Art campaign photography shoot. June 2019

Gaffer on MOBILES.CO.UK commercial. Pollen Studio, Epiphany Marketing. June 2018.

Camera Operator, ‘Eden Festival’, May 2019.

Camera Operator and lighting designer on ‘Mackman’ Music video. June 2019.

Camera Operator and editor, Pegasus living Commercial content, May 2019.

Camera operator and lighting designer on ‘Mackman, Luxe’ music video. May 2019.

Camera Operator on North Wales Rally, Beehive Basement, March 2019.

Camera Operator on ‘Methody 150th’ Documentary, CSD Productions, BBC NI. March 2019.

Live Camera operator on ‘Cream Classical’, music event, live stream, CSD Productions, Feb 2019.

Self-Shooting PD on BLAM Fitness Campaign, Beehive Basement, March 2019.

Camera Operator on ‘Evrah Rose’ Spoken word session, Beehive Basement, The Laundry Studios, Feb 2019.

Drone Camera operator on BBC THREE Dating Show, CSD Productions. Jan 2019

Camera Operator, American Football Promo Video, CSD Productions, Jan 2019.

Gaffer Saxl Rose Live music session, Beehive Basement, The Laundry Studios. Jan 2019

BTS Camera Operator, Heathrow Drone flights, CSD Productions Jan 2019

Camera Operator at ‘Park Chinois’ NYE theatrical Event. NYE 2018.

Live Camera Operator, Pete tong Ibiza Classics, 02 Arena, Dec 2018.

Camera Operator at UK Festival Awards. December 2018. CSD Productions

Live Camera Operator at ABOVE AND BEYOND music gig. CSD Productions. Belfast. November 2018.

Camera Operator at AIF independent festival awards. CSD Productions. Sheffield. November 2018.

Camera Operator Bowie Starman Show, Echo Arena. November 2018

POV Camera Operator at CREAMFIELDS music Festival. Crowded Space Drones. August 2018.

Drone Camera Operator at World Fireworks Competitions. Crowded Space Drones. August 2018.

Gaffer. Yoga Studio Piece, October 2018.

Camera Operator on Open University Promotional and Educational Series. ETED Films. May, June 2018.

Director of Photography on ‘Kodak Commercial shorts competition’ advert 2017. Shot on Arri 416 16mm film.

Camera Operator and editor on Product Shots. Zest 4 leisure. Beehive Basement Media. July 2018.

Photographer and Video Editor for Inspire Business Media Conferences. Focus Shift Films. May, June 2018.

Gaffer on Twisted Clothing’s ‘Grime time’. 2016-june 2017

Videographer and Editor on ‘TopGym’ Commercial. October 2017. BeehiveBasement Media.

Videographer and Editor on ‘WWF Vietnam’ short documentary on youth programme. Beehive Basment Media. September to November 2017.

Videographer and Editor on ‘Danny Farric McGolgan Fitness sessions’ Video. Beehive Basement, September 2017.

Videographer and Editor on commercial for ‘The Boardroom Bar Chester’. Beehive Basement Media. June 2017.

1st AC Focus Puller (Focus Shift Films) . Music Video. BIRDCAGE- ‘You my heavy star’. September 2016.

Producer, Videographer (Think Films). ‘Funky Warehouse, Cheltenham’. Promotional Videos. September 2016.

Camera Operator (Unit 1 films). Corporate, Bouncer Training Video. 20/02/2016.

Camera operator (Tom Foolery Productions). Filming Flash mobs. 26/02/2016

2nd AC Camera Assistant (Kodak 16mm Film Advert Competition). Shooting on 16mm Arri Camera. January 2016.

Camera Operator. ‘Jack Cooper’ Music Artist and ‘The Spoils’ Music Artists, concert. December 2015.

Camera Operator (JMJX Productions). Video Name- ‘Shakii, Nothing’. November 2015.



Floor Runner. ‘Dickinson’s Real Deal’. RDF Television. May 2018.