About me


"Patrick Gillespie is a Grip / Documentary shooter from Wales in the United Kingdom, he aims to help others and himself discover more about the world and how we live within it"


I love good stories and I think the most amazing stories come from the experiences of real people, normal people. I find humans and their emotions, motivations and personalities fascinating. I love the way films can influence us as humans for the better. The way they can make us laugh, cry, get angry and enhance our knowledge and understanding of the world. If any of my films succeed in doing this then I’ll be happy.

I am often motivated by injustice and I believe films can be the most amazing of influences to help solve problems, to allow humans to hear what other people are going through. Giving voices to people who may not have been given the chance to shout above the crowd.

For a little bit of information about me; I was born and raised in the countryside of North Wales and I'm a graduate of the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham, England, studying a BA in Film Production. I take an interest in both narrative and Documentary films and I have a passion for beautiful imagery. I believe a film can be made or broken by its visuals and that the images we create should enhance the story not sit with it.  I’m intrigued by social realism as a genre and I love visual imagery and aesthetically pleasing films but at the same time what is a film without a good story?


If you want to find out more about me then feel free to contact me.